Become an INENSIA Practice Lead!

> You are a “Black Belt” in a Digital Industry technology (Teamcenter, Opcenter, Polarion, ARAS, …) and/or process area (MBSE, MES, IIOT, …), > You are entrepreneur-minded, based in Europe, > You don’t want to choose between pre-sales, delivery, people development and management, Become an « INENSIA Practice Lead », and you will take end-to-end leadership of developing our business in your domain of expertise, leveraging our existing capabilities! INENSIA is also actively looking for talents in our different geos: • PLM Consultants / Solution Architects in France, BENELUX and Germany • Software Developers in Bulgaria INENSE your Career @

INENSIA is pleased to have been selected by the MERSEN group

INENSIA is pleased to have been selected by the MERSEN group – global expert in Electrical Power and Advanced Materials – as the Consulting & System Integration partner for its new Electrical Power PLM Program. Based on the ARAS Innovator platform, this ambitious transformation program aims at defining and implementing a global PLM backbone between Europe and USA – replacing 4 legacy heterogeneous systems – to enable digital continuity through the entire life cycle of MERSEN EP products. “During all the tender, INENSIA has demonstrated a high level of knowledge in PLM and a perfect understanding of our needs. Their long experience in designing and deploying PLM solutions has been […]

Why and How implementing PLM with Agile methodology?

Agile methodology is a “fashionable” paradigm widely used in Software Development. Its numerous benefits on project definition, scope determination and delivery make it a powerful and efficient method. Based on our experience, we believe that – despite its simplicity and straightforwardness – Agile is a very useful method for complex and pluri-disciplinary projects such as PLM implementation. But how Agile methodology could be used to implement a sophisticated transverse program such as PLM or SPDM? What are the challenges and hampering points to overcome and what are the best practices? In this document, we propose to share insights and answers coming from our experience. Agile at a glance Agile methodology […]

What’s up @ INENSIA?

We have just achieved our first year of operations. We would like to share our feedback on this wonderful journey we have started with INENSIA Customers, Partners & Team Mates. INENSIA team is now rich of 18 motivated women & men working in our offices in Paris and Sofia (Bulgaria). We are now serving 10+ different customers in 4 countries with a focus on PLM & SPDM areas. We have been demonstrating real ability to deliver various projects such as: Applications design & implementation using Agile methodology; Complex Data Migration; Training engineering and delivery on various supports; Program, technical & business consulting. We are in a perfect shape to continue […]

Succeed your PLM* data migration (Product Lifecycle Management)

What is a PLM data migration? To illustrate it in a simple way, migrating data is like making a removal. In fact, you are changing the place where they are stored. For sure, this analogy finds its limits insofar as data adaptations are made. Let’s say that it is as if you were using migration rules during the moving out. For example, your plates are separated: half of them are colored in red; the other ones are now stored in the lunchroom. This activity is almost always related to a new PLM solution implementation. That is why we are taking the opportunity to gather product data sources. As business needs […]