What’s up @ INENSIA?

We have just achieved our first year of operations. We would like to share our feedback on this wonderful journey we have started with INENSIA Customers, Partners & Team Mates. INENSIA team is now rich of 18 motivated women & men working in our offices in Paris and Sofia (Bulgaria). We are now serving 10+ different customers in 4 countries with a focus on PLM & SPDM areas. We have been demonstrating real ability to deliver various projects such as: Applications design & implementation using Agile methodology; Complex Data Migration; Training engineering and delivery on various supports; Program, technical & business consulting. We are in a perfect shape to continue […]

INENSE your career

INENSIA recrute en France ! Vous êtes Consultant / Architecte Solution PLM ? Vous êtes en phase avec nos valeurs : Compétence / Respect / « Lean » ? Vous souhaitez vous engager dans le développement d’une jeune société internationale ? Ecrivez-nous : contact@inensia.com !

SPDM, what is it???

It stands for “Simulation Process and Data Management”. SPDM is the information system to manage the critical activity of Simulation and Analysis Engineers, helping them to deliver faster results and ensure traceability of calculation steps. In collaboration with our UK partner OpenSPDM, INENSIA developed a SPDM platform prototype based on ARAS software, taking benefits of all existing ARAS collaboration capabilities and offering ability to embed specialized Simulation & Analysis software. Want to know more? Write us at contact@inensia.com, or attend our demonstration on Monday May 28 at the ARAS ACE 2018 forum in Paris!

Welcome Olivier !

INENSIA leadership team is now complete, thanks to Olivier Sicot who joined as Sales lead. With 11 colleagues in Bulgaria, Belgium and France, we continue to grow our Digital Industry Services team. Any question? contact@inensia.com!