Inensia “Simulation Management” session at the NAFEMS World Congress | October 28th 2021

Inensia will be at the NAFEMS World Congress on October 28th! We will be talking about Simulation Management and how to structure your Simulation data in the context of a SPDM initiative, with our Simulation Practice Lead Hernan Giagnorio. Over the years, the expansion of simulation as part of products’ development and validation process has resulted in an increase in simulation data to be stored. This has created the need to appropriately match the simulation data with the input data that is consumed to produce it. To bring the product to market in a shorter timeframe, each iteration loop results in an evolution of the product’s definition which should bring it […]

Webinar Inensia | Introduction aux concepts MES sur la plateforme Hydra avec MPDV | Jeudi 14 Octobre à 16h00 (CET)

Inensia, conseil et intégrateur en transformation digitale dans l’industrie, vous invite à un Webinar de présentation des concepts MES (Manufacturing Execution System) illustrés par des démonstrations ciblées de la plateforme MPDV HYDRA, en suivant un cas métier représentatif. A travers l’exemple d’une chaîne de conditionnement de peinture, nous aborderons les sujets d’ordonnancement, d’exécution des opérations, de diffusion des instructions, de collecte et historisation des données, de gestion des ressources, de traçabilité et d’analyse de performance en lien avec les systèmes connexes ERP et PLM. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant : Langue: Français Durée: 45 minutes + Q&R Plus d’information ici Événement LinkedIn

Join INENSIA at the Career Days: IT, Communications, Outsourcing 2021 Event

Come join and meet us, on October 7th! INENSIA will be participating in the Career Days: IT, Communications, Outsourcing / Дни на кариерата: ИТ, Комуникации и Аутсорсинг 2021 event in Sofia, Bulgaria.   As an international company, we offer a stimulating and supporting working environment with friendly, social and open-minded people. Are you looking for new professional challenges? Want to see how an idea becomes a reality? How a virtual design is transformed into a product? Are you a fast and eager learner who easily adapt? Are you willing to innovate the industry while using various technologies? Inense your career! Join our young and growing team to provide the best service to our […]