One of our latest recruit, Vasilena Georgieva, shares her experience of Inensia recruiting process, her onboarding and her first impressions of the company through this interview conducted by JobTiger, organizers of the event where we met her.

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Where are the people? …- People? I saw them years ago. But one never knows where to find them. The wind carries them. They have no roots and this bothers them a lot.

– From “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In today’s article, JobTiger team is happy to share with you the story of how to discover new talent, attract new colleagues and develop professional career paths. More and more often we hear the expression that “there are no good potentials”, but in fact there are good enough examples of it being a matter of headwind to find them.

INENSIA was an exhibitor at the virtual edition of Career Days: IT, Communications and Outsourcing in 2021. In the same event, Vasilena Georgieva was actively looking for career opportunities. How her participation in the virtual career forum became a real professional opportunity and what lies ahead for her as a developer in the company – Vasilena shared her story in this interview.

INENSIA is a young international company specializing in offering high quality services related to the digitalization of all business processes in the industrial sector, from development and design, through simulation, to product creation, using Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. The company works with some of the largest and most modern technologies on the market, and their clients are corporations in various sectors – automotive, aerospace, electronics, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutics and many others. The work values INENSIA promotes include constant development of their own skills, team spirit, mutual respect and a lean approach in every direction.

Vasilena Georgieva began her career in marketing, but quickly realized that this was not her passion. Technology, mathematics, and complex problems have always been of her interest, therefore, she decided to change direction and started training in programming. Soon after that, she took on her first projects which then led her to becoming a Junior Full-Stack Developer at INENSIA and expand her skills by working on projects related to process automation in the company.

    • How did you decide to take part in Career Days: IT, Communications and Outsourcing and what was your experience from participating?

My decision to join Career Days was prompted by various factors – I was initially attracted by the event’s social media ads and the opportunity to meet with different companies and their representatives. And it was just the right time. “There’s nothing to lose!” – I said to myself and signed up.

The platform was very interesting because it allows anyone looking for new opportunities to meet many employers and find their dream job. This is an innovative way of holding events of this type in the conditions in which we live at the moment, and I hope more and more companies and candidates will recognize it.

  • What was the first meeting with the representatives of INENSIA?

As we live through the pandemic, my first meeting with INENSIA representatives was entirely online. The meeting was extremely pleasant, informative and quite positive – I got acquainted with the activities of INENSIA and was intrigued to learn more about the technologies and projects they were working on.

  • How did the selection process for the company go?

The process was online and took place in several steps – I was given the opportunity to get acquainted with the job through sample tasks as well as a conversation with someone from the technical team. I was very impressed by the scale of the projects the Bulgarian office is driving and with their portfolio of international clients. During the conversations about their projects and technologies, I also felt that the atmosphere at the company was very creative and friendly.

  • What is your position in the company and how did it help you develop professional knowledge and skills?

I am currently a Junior Full-Stack Developer and I am happy to have the opportunity to develop in the IT field and get to know the world of PLM solutions. At this stage, learning about new systems and technologies is something that further develops the skills I had previously acquired in my education.

  • What are your expectations regarding your future career in the company?

I hope to reach the level of my then technical interviewer, now colleague, and take on the position of Career Consultant and Mentor, which is part of INENSIA’s development policies. I would like to grow to such an extent that I can also support the development of my younger colleagues, because I believe that for a young person, mentoring is extremely important.

  • Why would you recommend INENSIA and work in the company?

At INENSIA, I see progress in many aspects. From the attitude towards each employee to the freedom of expression and the opportunities for growth. The field in which INENSIA develops is extremely interesting, the technologies they use and develop allow everyone to learn, develop and acquire knowledge and qualities that would be applicable in many different industries. The positive work environment and the responsiveness of the people are a big part of what makes INENSIA a wonderful place to work!

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