This month we attended our last VOYAGER PLM project meeting as we reached the end or our exciting PLM journey at Mersen EP.

Indeed, thanks to our integrated Mersen/Inensia team, we successfully deployed the ARAS PLM platform in the largest Mersen EP engineering sites (France, USA, Mexico) as well as many smaller sites worldwide (Austria, Hungary, Tunisia, Canada, China, India), tightly connected with SolidWorks and replacing 6 legacy systems. This project is a major step in the Digital Transformation program at MERSEN and it was a real pleasure working closely with such a passionate & involved team.

From an Inensia point of view, we have demonstrated our ability to handle end-to-end international digital transformations in committed mode, and we remain focused with MERSEN on the next Digital Transformation steps such as PIM (Product Information Management) evolutions and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) project implementation (both Works In Progress).

We would like to warmly thank and congratulate the entire Mersen/Inensia VOYAGER team, it was a demanding project especially in the 2 go-live phases, and you made them successful with professionalism and stress resilience!