Inensia is pleased to announce its successful collaboration with Mersen on their first Manufacturing Execution System (MES Hydra – MPDV) deployment to support Mersen’s industrial excellence for the coming years!

Based on a corporate MES core model previously implemented, tested, and tuned, Mersen and Inensia worked as an integrated team to implement a pilot on a first Mersen factory located in Pagny-sur-Moselle (Eastern France), considering local industrial specificities.

Since July 1st, 2022, hundreds of work orders generated by Mersen Corporate ERP are ingested daily in the Hydra MES. Local production managers are able to simulate and schedule shopfloor operations (short and distant horizon) by considering both machines and human resources availability as well materials and components inventory. Shopfloor workers are then guided step by step to perform all requested operations and have access to dynamic documentation coming from the PLM system. In the end, quality information & operation effectiveness are acquired in real time.

 “Agile spirit, lean attitude & mutual trust were key elements to deliver first step of this transformation program within the respect of original scheduled timeline”, stated Christian Genez, Project Manager on the Inensia side.

We would like to warmly thank and congratulate the entire Mersen/MPDV/Inensia team for their engagement, their professionalism, and their unfailing good mood all along the project that made this project a success!

It is but a first small victory, as more than thirty factory deployments worldwide remain for the upcoming three years.